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What do you prefer? A single player world or a server?

By Mishi 8 years ago

Honestly I go back and forth. Multiplayer stuff is fun, but singleplay can get crazy fun with mods... at least that's what I gather. I haven't had time to play in forever it seems. I suppose if I had to make a decision it would be multiplayer. I'm still realy fond of the MC Steamed server.

By DavidWest 8 years ago

though single player is amusing to me, i host a server for my friends and i to mess around in... survival mode only.. if your interested, i can get people the IP address, always looking for new people to play with!

By ajak60 8 years ago

Sure! I would love to check it out. I play on a survival server also. I find the community part of it to be a whole other part to minecraft. =)

By Mishi 8 years ago