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How to make soft idly

How to make soft idly - preparing idli batter - soft idly recipes Thamil virundhu


Published on Oct 10, 2013

' How to make soft idly 'video describes you how to prepare idli batter and tips to make soft idli.
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Notes about ingredients - How to make soft idly

1. If idly rice is not available, you can use ponni rice instead . Freshly cooked rice speeds up the fermenting process. If you are going to use batter within 8 hours you can use freshly cooked rice to speed up the fermentation.. but natural fermenting will occur within 12 hours, no need to add cooked rice for that.
2. You can use whole urad dal or splited urad dal . But follow the cup measurements strictly.
3. Adding fenugreek seed is my Aunt's method. since my result is good I 'm following the same without knowing the reason.
4. If available use sea salt to get good fermented batter. 
Idly batter preparation - How to make soft idly

1. Use fresh water ( not salty tab water ) to rinse the urad dal and rice. Soak them for one hour . Then place both urad dal and rice in refrigerator for another one hour. If your grinder is a table top wet grinder you should follow this tip strictly. But for single stone grinder no need to follow this step and this single stone grinder is the best choice for idli lovers. Within 30 minutes of grinding batter will turn hot in table top grinders. We need at least 1 hour to grind both rice and urad dal. Hot batter won't ferment well naturally. So it is good to keep the rice and urad dal in refrigerator for 1 hour before grinding.

2. Use the water for grinding in which urad dal and rice has been soaked. Don't discard soaked water. First grind urad dal till you get PUFFY and fine batter. Shift it to a wide container. Then grind rice with 4 tbsp of freshly cooked rice. Shift this rice batter into the same container in which urad dal batter is. 

3. Add salt ( prefer sea salt / kal uppu if available ) and mix it well with your clean hands ( to speed up fermentation ) Usually urad dal batter is at the top most layer while the rice batter sets at the bottom when mixing. Mix both the batter thoroughly. Otherwise idlies from top most layer will be like dosa, and from the bottom it will be like a tennis ball. Mix thoroughly.

4. Set it to rest without interrupting for 8 hours ( i have added freshly cooked rice, so 8 hours is enough ). If you are going to store this batter, cover it properly and place it in refrigerator. Before making idlies take this batter out and set it in room temperature for 10 hours ( it will take 2 hours to reduce to room temperature and 8 hours to ferment )
How to make soft idli - method

1. Fermented batter is ready to make idlies. In rainy season fermenting time will take extra 2 hours. BEFORE MAKING IDLIES DON'T STIR THE BATTER. If you are not going to make idli after fermentation just keep it in refrigerator as to avoid over fermentation.

2. For making idlies, boil water in a idly pot ( it should be steaming hot ) and place the idly plate mould over it, fill each mould wiith a ladle of batter and cover it. Let it cook for 7 to 10 minutes.

3. Check it out whether it is done , take sharp knife and insert it in a idly , if the knife comes out clear without any fresh batter, idlies are cooked well.

4. Soft idlies are ready, There are so many side dishes for idly, serve any nice side dish with your soft idly especially with the great coconut chutney. All contents in this video are copyrighted THATTAI SNACK RECIPE LINK - Google plus -

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