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Idiots of NASCAR: Greatest Hits

Idiots of NASCAR: Greatest Hits TNTMan93


Published on Apr 21, 2013

This is the game NASCAR Racing 2003 Season (NR2003) which is exclusively made for PC and Mac. It has the most modification abilities of any other NASCAR game out there and is regarded to have the best crash physics as well. This is also the reason it sells for $75 avg on eBay and is downloaded illegally by many. Nonetheless, to celebrate the one-year birthday of the Idiots of NASCAR video series, here's a look back at some clips from the past seven episodes. This video is just a bunch of clips strung together using a heavily modified NASCAR sim called NR2003.

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0:00 Birthday
0:23 You Aint Got No Legs
0:27 President of Jelly Beans
0:30 Do A Barrel Roll
0:36 Dukes of Hazard
0:42 Moss in The Desert
0:48 Why make Trillions?
0:55 Free Fallin
1:02 Twister!
1:09 Cavalry Forward!
1:17 Dutch Elm
1:27 Theatre
1:37 Rick Roll'd
1:47 Fire And Flames
1:59 Titanic
2:11 Mexican Tap Water
2:24 Get off the tracks
2:37 Diet Coke + Mentos
2:55 American Airlines
3:15 Blues Brothers
3:39 Takedowns!
4:18 Chocolate Rain
4:37 Harlem Shake; NR2003 Style
5:00 Double Rainbow
5:25 Gen-6
5:52 Harmless Shenanigans: LEEEROOOY JENNNKINNS!!!
6:18 Annoying Spotter
6:56 Harmless Shenanigans: Thornton Traffic
7:39 Computer Glitch
8:17 Harmless Shenanigans: Minecraft Shovel

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