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88mm Flak - WW2 Anti-Aircraft Gun

88mm Flak - WW2 Anti-Aircraft Gun Historical Aviation Film Unit

Uploaded on Apr 21, 2009

A fun clip showing the firing of a newly restored WW2-era German 88mm flak (anti-aircraft & anti-tank) gun.

The gun tractor (Hanomag half track) and the 88mm gun are both owned and based here in New Zealand.

Well done to the restoration team in Blenheim (Dave Lochead, Tim Babb, Craig Keown, Reece Duncan and Roger Lauder) for getting this superb piece of historic military hardware up and running (firing) again.

Please note, the barrel on this gun had been previously rendered useless by having a piece cut out of the side. The restoration team 'corrected' this problem such that the gun can now be fired with blank rounds. However, the barrel will NEVER be strong enough to use blank rounds explosive enough to produce a realistic recoil effect. While the current effect isn't 100% realistic (i.e. little or no recoil) it's as close as it will ever be possible to get with this particular 88.


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