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The Death of Spider-Man Motion Comic Fan Film • ORIGINAL

The Death of Spider-Man Motion Comic Fan Film • ORIGINAL • Arrival Point Productions insertnamehere85


Uploaded on Oct 18, 2011

A fan edit of Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley's Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #158-160. Thanks for all of the amazing comments and support! If you liked the video, help spread it around!

From Andrew Bates aka Peter Parker: A bunch of my very talented geek friends and I thought it would be fun to bring to life the recent "Death of Spider-Man" storyline from Marvel's Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man as a digital motion comic! It's such a heart-wrenching tale that exemplifies the heroism, bravery, love, and sense of responsibility of one 16-year-old boy who wouldn't give up. A lot of very talented people put a lot of work into this labor of love and I'm so proud to have worked with them!! For more details, visit for info on the cast, crew, and project itself! PLEASE WATCH, ENJOY, and SPREAD IT AROUND!!!

The Death of Spider-Man

A Fan Film based on 
Ultimate Spider-Man 
created by 
Brian Michael Bendis
and Mark Bagley

Peter Parker/Spider-Man: 
Andrew S. Bates

Aunt May Parker:
Jean Verdel Alexander

Mary Jane Watson:
September Day Carter

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter,
Captain America, & J. Jonah Jameson:
Bob Carter

Johnny Storm/The Human Torch, Electro:
Jason Elkins

The Vulture, Uncle Ben Parker:
Tony Messano

Nick Fury:
E.J. Smith

Gwen Stacy:
Lacey Patten

Sally Rose Bates

Bobby Drake/Iceman:
Matt Strach

Directed by:
Thomas Andrew Lawson

Andrew S. Bates

Produced by 
Arrival Point Productions

Story Editor:
Michael Griffin

Michael Griffin
Thomas Andrew Lawson

Video Design:
Thomas Andrew Lawson
Travis Coley

Visual Effects:
Thomas Andrew Lawson
Travis Coley

Recorded at GM Voices Studios

Recording Engineers:
E.J. Smith
Andrew S. Bates
Bob Carter
Sally Rose Bates
Timothy Jones

Vocal Coaching and Direction:
Andrew S. Bates
Bob Carter and September Day Carter 
of Carter Creative & Consulting Services, LLC

Dialogue Editing:
Andrew S. Bates
Emily Harrison

Audio Mixing:
Andrew S. Bates

Sound Design:
Andrew S. Bates

Assistant Sound Design:
Emily Harrison

Music Coordination:
Andrew S. Bates

Andrew S. Bates

"I Will Follow You Into The Dark"
Written By Ben Gibbard
Performed by Gavin Mikhail

Original pencils by Mark Bagley, Mark Brooks, Stuart Immonen, David LaFuente, Leinil Yu, Sara Pichelli, Trevor Hairsine, Chris Samnee, and Joe Quesada.
An Arrival Point Production 

Spider-Man created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

"The Death of Spider-Man" is a fan film produced by Arrival Point Productions. The story, art and characters therein are the property of Marvel Entertainment LLC, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. Arrival Point Productions makes no claim of ownership to the source material. This video was produced for noncommercial use, to be enjoyed by ourselves, fellow fans and the original creators as a tribute to the story first published in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #158-160 and Avengers Vs. New Ultimates #4 in 2011


Thanks for watching!

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