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Your cat's name

Do you have a cat? If so, what is his/her name? I have one cat, and his name is Java!
By Phaethon 9 years ago

2 cats 

Scruff & George

By TorinoGT 9 years ago

Got the cat answer in the wrong place.lolz  I had 2 cats Tiddles and Smokey they where mum and son,this was when I was a youngster.

By lonewolf6738 9 years ago

I've had a lot cats throughout the years - or I should say my family has had a lot of cats throughout the years. 

My first cat ever I named Flash. He was a big black cat and would go fight other cats. I was so proud of him, lol.

By Phaethon 9 years ago

Great name,I like that name reminds me of flash gordon.I like black cats and dogs.

By lonewolf6738 9 years ago

Yeah, I do too. As a kid I didn't even understand some people had a stigma against black cats. My first knowledge of that came when my parents told me to make sure Flash was inside during Halloween. Things like this make me especially nice to black cats.

By Phaethon 9 years ago

Yeh,we have a superstition about black cats crossing in front of your car,it's bad luck.🙂

By lonewolf6738 9 years ago

I have two cats, Buttercup, and Coffee. Had  (RIP) Silvester, Ginger, Floyd, Tiger, Thomas, Sukki

By Hattie 8 years ago

I did not have any cats until we retired 16 years ago. The first one showed up at our house in the Winter of 2001. I fed her outside, she was too wild to come inside. I put a house right outside the glass doors for her and put plates of food outside. And then it snowed 2 feet overnight. The cat was gone. I found her inside the barn and finally managed to talk her into coming our garage. Then I started training her and named her Mieze. She was our companion for the next 11 years. She died of cancer. During that time, we tried bringing several other cats into our home. Mieze refused to take in any other females, and the males stayed out in the barn until Mieze approved of them. The first male cat walked in on us as a baby. A beautiful tomcat that we raised for 1 1/2 years, and then he left us. Broke my heart. We had named him Sunny. We found him at a neigbor's dairy barn 2 miles away. We called for him and he answered from the rafters but did not want to come home. In 2007. we picked up another tomcat from the dairybarn. Also a kitten that someone had dropped off there the previous night. He was scared, and could not asset himself there. He was bullied by the cats that were at home there. We still have him and call him Tanny. He is still a fearful cat, but very loving. Loves the outdoors and the comforts of living inside.3 months later, on one of our walks around the neighborhood, another young tomcat followed us and refused to leave us. At that time, we were at the bottom of our loops, about 4 miles from home. The cat followed us and tried to make friends with us and climbed all over us when we sat down some place. When we were about a mile from home, he could not walk any further and threw himself at our feet. We could not leave him there, so far from the place where he started following us. So I picked him up to carry him, but he was already heavy and I could not carry very far. Wolfgang had a napsack and we put the cat in there with just the head sticking out. Wolfgang carried him  home the rest of the way like that. The next day, we went back to were the cat started following us and asked around the neighborhood if he belonged to anyone. We found out, that the cat had been dropped off by someone who did not want him. So we took him in and named him Ullie. Ullie made friends with Mieze and Tanny and still live with us. When Mieze died, we started looking for another female cat. After 2 months, a neighborhood stray cat had three kittens, one of them was the runt of the litter. She was so tiny and scrawny that she would have died had we not taken her in. After cleaning her up, I started housetraining her and getting her used to the 2 tomcats. She now thinks that she is the boss and rules both boys and they love it. We call her Dally.    

By durkeema 6 years ago

Skrubban och hon tror jag är hennes husdjur. Skrubban passar för hon skrubbar sig ofta mot min arm i jakt på kel.

By rendahl51 4 years ago

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