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Your favorite fruit

This really is a tough one. Probably a berry. Blackberries maybe. You don't always find really good blackberries - but when you do. Oh man!
By DavidWest 8 years ago

banana's as they are full of vitamim b 

By AlphaEdifice6083 8 years ago

Bananas are definitely awesome :D 

I'm not sure how it is other places, but even in Northern California - you can't just buy Bananas from anywhere. If you buy them from a low quality store, the bananas will be green, and then have about a 12-24 hour window where they are edible, then turn too brown to eat. 

If you get them from a better store, they can last a few days to a week. It's crazy.

By DavidWest 8 years ago

This is a tough question; all fruit is so yummy. I'll go for mangos.

By Hattie 7 years ago

if the bananas are green just wrap them up in newspaper and put them in the fridge

By AlphaEdifice6083 7 years ago

mangos are nice specially in ice-cream

By AlphaEdifice6083 7 years ago


By murin 7 years ago

At our local farmers market there is ALWAYs a HUGE line for the peaches. Good peaches are definitely up there!

By DavidWest 7 years ago

all fruit are good when they are not canned

By AlphaEdifice6083 7 years ago

About the only fruit I regularly eat that's canned are the mandarin slices. Otherwise most of it's fresh. Dried fruit is hit or miss - but at Costco now there is a product that is dried Fuji Apple slices, with literally NO other ingredients, and they are wonderful😃

By DavidWest 7 years ago

the only canned fruit i like is fruit salad

here just bout all fruit is dried and found in health food stores

By AlphaEdifice6083 7 years ago

And people here are freaking out because limes are expensive :p 

However, if the drought California is experiencing continues another year or two - things will get a little more rough food wise here. 

By DavidWest 7 years ago

here they are also starting to freak out as there is supposed to be an elnino if i spelt that word correctly this year

By AlphaEdifice6083 7 years ago


By carnation 7 years ago

My current favorite fruit: TOMATOES😃Mmmm. They are just now getting good. We are growing some, as well as getting some from the farmer's market.

By DavidWest 7 years ago

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