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What makes this so popular?

As someone who has heard a lot about bleach, but never really gotten into it, why is it so good/so popular? Just from what I've seen, it reminds me of Inyuyash - episodic episodes that don't move the story much. Is this how Bleach is, or am I completely incorrect?
By Phaethon 9 years ago

i got one of the bleach dvds and i find that it is fantastic with its animation colours actions etc etc etc

By AlphaEdifice6083 9 years ago

Bleach is a series, that, after watching 5 years worth of episodes in 1 week you are guilted into watching the rest of the series as well...


In all seriousness, the fights are pretty awsome though it drags on and on at some parts. animation for the years it was out was pretty good (though big budget helped there) as well as seeing characters develop over (literally) hundreads of eps and understanding actions of characters from the first season only at the tail end of the show.


Do i consider it a good watch? yeah, its ok.

Should you watch it? only if there is nothing else (shorter!) that you have to watch

By ajak60 7 years ago

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