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what are your favourite cop shows of all time?

for me there are 3 of them adam12 , blue heelers , water rats

By AlphaEdifice6083 5 years ago

Burke's Law, Mannix, CHIPS, Adam 12, Dragnet, FBI, Hawaii Five 0 (Bookem Dano) ,

Colombo, Baretta, The Rookies, McCloud, Vega$ with Robert Urich. to name a few LOL

By JerseyGirl 5 years ago

While it's not the most creative answer, I really do like Cops - the one where they follow the police officers.

More recently I di think Brooklyn Nine-Nine was funny as well

By DavidWest 5 years ago

Maybe not a cop show but I just love Monk, he is a germ phobic homicide detective. This show is so funny, it's an old show. :-)

By lonewolf6738 5 years ago

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