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Post Your Questions!

I run a few websites - and I know there are curious people out there. If you have any questions about running a website - how to get started, or some of the things that go on behind the scenes - just ask and I'll answer!

By DavidWest 8 years ago

guess ill ask when the school club im in decides to make a website... im webmaster for the club, but we havent decided to go through with a website yet.. recommend any good places to start? preferably free/really cheap for a basic website?

By ajak60 8 years ago

I don't know too many free places, but there are some out there. Free Hosting Cloud seems like a viable choice - you'd get a url like or something

No-ip also has options; I have quite a bit of experience using them for both paid DNS services and free ones. I'm not sure if they offer free hosting as well though.

By DavidWest 8 years ago