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How do you make your coffee?

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Currently if I'm going to have a cup of joe, it's going to be done one of three ways - listed below starting with most often used.

  1. Keurig. It's super easy and there's a variety
  2. Aeropress. For when I want to spend a little extra time making amazing coffee
  3. French Press. For groups, or for a long day. I still need to perfect my French Press process.

So - what about you?

By DavidWest 4 years ago

Nothing special for me, just add instant coffee,hot water and milk, thats about as exciting as it gets  But when I'm out I get latte's.

By lonewolf6738 4 years ago

2 coffees 2 different ways

I use an old fashion espresso machine where you put the coffee and hot water and then turn it upside down.

For regular coffee I use a coffee maker and use a colombian dark roast.

I almost forgot on Sunday's I use an old fashion percalator on the stove top to make regular coffee.

By JerseyGirl 4 years ago

Boy ! Now mine sounds real boring

By lonewolf6738 4 years ago

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