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Civilization: Beyond Earth

How do people like Civ: B E? know that DW has booted it up for at least a little bit😃how about anyone else?


I feel like its almost incomplete... like this should be a pre-release not the full game. features are present, but dont seem to be fleshed out enough (bring back more than 1 leader option per civ!) and unit upgrades seemed to take a HUGE hit in this game, being railroaded for most of their trees.


Tech web is amazing! and love the teared system they have going in the web as well! makes for a much more interesting scientific game


AI is.. interesting... semi-aggresive aliens, i like. non-functioning auto explore sucks... too much micromanagement exploring (ive always set on auto and watched them run in previous games).


also, DW how do i link this to the game info like what you have with Destiny? dont see options like that anywhere

By ajak60 7 years ago

I think it has the base of a great game - but yeah it does need an expansion or two to really find its feet.

The aliens are fun, but a bit too static from what I've seen so far. When I'm attempting to be peaceful with the aliens and they'll still bug the crap out of me, it's odd. In the end it's just a modified agression cooldown timer.

I'm going to attempt a domination game pretty soon (as the only option) and see how that impacts AI competitiveness. 

If you went to the Civ Beyond Earth page on Game Abyss and started the discussion from there it would have auto linked😛

By DavidWest 7 years ago

Create, explore, and expand !

Aliens play the role of the barbarian tribes from the last few Civilization games, as an entity that's not exactly "in it to win it." But they'll mess with your early game plans all the same, utilizing better cunning and more imposing units than their old club-wielding counterparts.

It's a brave new world, with new lands to chart, resources to harvest, and goals to pursue. But it's also as cynical as the old one, where most actions serve competitive ends, and even the most cooperative and well-maintained alliances will be shattered by necessity towards game's end. 

Beyond Earth's combat suffers from some balance issues though, and that's curious for a game that leans so heavily on proven systems. Cities are comically easy to take--most melee units fare much better at city capturing, and you can often halve a city's defenses in a single attack--resulting in situations where cities tediously trade ownership turn after turn. The fragility extends to the units themselves, many of which die in a single hit. By consequence, a small standing army is less tenable than it was back on Earth, and I find myself less invested in the fate of any one unit when it can be snuffed out by an orbital strike at any given moment.

So basically, stick with Civ V until this one gets a Gold Edition with all vastly improving expansions included.

By AlPha_GoD 7 years ago

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