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Favorite Character?

A discussion about Hunter x Hunter

It's time to.... PICK YOUR FAVORITE!!! If you haven't watched this show, don't let that stop you! Pick anyone!

I'm fond of Gon and Hisoka. Nearly pure good against a nearly pure malice

By DavidWest 5 years ago

that one guy! in the funny hat


(haven't seen it!)

By ajak60 5 years ago

Feitan - have'nt seen it but this character looks cool.

By lonewolf6738 5 years ago

Killua - i like his story and how he is acting in some situations.

By Venrir 4 years ago

King Meruem Absolutely amazing character! His personality is very interesting and I love how his love life turned out HxH is my favorite anime of all time

By Niurem 4 years ago

Zero Two , Megumin , Todoroky , Yun Yun , Hiro , Touka

y itachi


seguro a muchos le encanta a Itachi :V


By Facu3024 1 month ago

me robaron los personajes xd 

otro que me gusta es todoroky de Boku no hero

By Facu3024 3 weeks ago