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Favorite Video Game Characters!

What are some of your favorite video game characters? I'll start with a few: Samus Aran, Commander Shepard, and Pikachu. 
By Phaethon 7 years ago

Samus is a good choice as a strong female character. I will add Gordon Freeman as a favorite. Half Life 3!!!!

By rotvirtue 7 years ago

For my part i's Crash (Crash Bandicoot) and Spyro (Spyro the Dragon)

By drak95 7 years ago

Crash and Spyro are definitely some classics :D 

In my mind things like Banjo and Kazooie fit in there too with ones like Crash and Spyro. Overally I love the n64 era of gaming - though it hasn't aged all that well.

By Phaethon 7 years ago

Gandhi from Civilization.... watch your back or he'll nuke you!

By ajak60 7 years ago

Gandhi from Civilizaiton is a fun one😃I love when neat characters come from bugs.

Two more of my favorites: Donkey Kong and Yoshi😃

By Phaethon 7 years ago

the dudes from contra and circus charlie🙂

By Jokerboy 7 years ago

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