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If you like superman, tell me why

If you are fond of superman, i'd like to know why. I don't understand it.

By rotvirtue 2 years ago

He has a BIG bulge.wink

By belle-deesse 2 years ago

lol sicksite

I haven't seen the movie yet but it all looks a lot different in the trailers than the typical batman and superman we are use to.

By lonewolf6738 2 years ago

sicksite that is the best reason I have heard

By rotvirtue 2 years ago

I grew up watching the Superman movies with Chris Reeves. I am still fond of the Fleischer/Famous studios Superman as well as the Warner Bros Superman animated series.

By applescotch 1 year ago

Its a fun story if you like the Donner films and a little bit of silver age corniness. The art is fantastic but i dont like metallo's costume of Parasites origin. Superman:SEO doesnt match up to the John bryne origin(which is by far the best Superman origin story). But, i did enjoy it better than Birthright(which i found a bit boring and uninteresting).



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By nateliv 4 weeks ago

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