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Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast (1982) - Full Album

Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast (1982) - Full Album Milton F. Petrozza


Published on Sep 17, 2015


00:00 Invaders 
03:24 Children of the damned 
08:00 The prisoner 
14:03 22 Acacia avenue 
20:41 The number of the beast
25:32 Run to the hills 
29:26 Gangland 
33:15 Total eclipse 
37:41 Hallowed Be Thy Name 

The year was 1982. The rising stars of heavy metal, Iron Maiden was just about to release their third full length album The Number of the Beast. However, the band had just ditched the man behind the mic, Paul Di'Anno, and hired ex-Samson vocalist, Bruce Dickinson. At the time, replacing Di'Anno was a huge risk for the band, and many critics predicted the end of Iron Maiden. But that with simply not going to be the case.

Far from it, actually. On March 22, 1982, the band released The Number of the Beast. The new album was a huge success, helping the band reach #1 in the UK charts for the first time. The Number of the Beast was also quite controversial, with the dark themes of some of the songs influencing claims of Maiden being devil worshippers, which the band denied. Of course, the controversy gave the band plenty of free publicity, especially in the States, where the band had not fully broken out yet.

Bruce Dickinson - (Vocal)
Steve Harris - (Bass, Backing Vocals)
Dave Murray - (Guitar)
Adrian Smith - (Guitar)
Clive Burr - (Drums)

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