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Iron maiden - Live after death

Iron maiden - Live after death Russell Kedian


Published on Sep 4, 2014

The very first album i ever bought (Mainly due to the artwork) - Was 11 years old.... (",)

Used my birthday money to get this and Frank Bruno's "Eye of the tiger" Lmfao........ 

Finally got to see them on the 5th of august 2011 - (My birthday)


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By belle-deesse 6 years ago

00:00 aces high 05:25 two minutes to midnight 11:29 the trooper 15:36 fly of icarus 19:10 revelations 25:37 rime of the ancient mariner 38:50 powerslave 46:00 the number of the beast 50:55 hellowed be thy name 58:15 run to the hills 1:02:08 running free 1:10:25 sactuary 1:15:01 iron maiden 1:19:44 wratchild 1:22:36 murders in the rue morgue 1:27:02 22 acacia avenue 1:33:15 childrem of the damned 1:37:47 losfer words ( big orra) 1:41:51 die with your boots on 1:47:16 the phanton of the opera

By belle-deesse 6 years ago

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