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Rust in Peace WHOLE ALBUM!

Rust in Peace WHOLE ALBUM! DiogoAlmeida95


Uploaded on Sep 10, 2011

I don't own any of these, all that is in the video belongs to one of the world's greatest bands XD 

This is the whole album Rust in Peace by Megadeth released september 24th back in 1990. This album may be almost 21 years old but it's one of the best metal albuns of all time (in my opinion) and surelly THE BEST THRASH METAL ALBUM EVER (sorry Metallica, Master of Puppets isn't that great to my ears)

Line up:

Vocals/Rhythm guitar: Dave Mustaine
Bass guitar: Dave Ellefson
Lead guitar: Marty Friedman
Drums: Nick Menza


Holy Wars... The Punishment Due 0:00
Hangar 18 6:36
Take No Prisoners 11:48
Five Magics 15:16
Poison Was The Cure 20:57
Lucretia 23:53
Tornado of Souls 27:49
Dawn Patrol 33:10
Rust in Peace 35:00

Sorry, some songs have lower volume, anyway, ENJOY!

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By belle-deesse 5 years ago

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