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Favorite Stargate Series?

I know this might be a wash, but I was wondering what people prefer - sg1, atlantis, or universe? I suppose to make it a little more interesting we could put them in a numbered list. I'll start.
  1. Sg1
  2. Universe
  3. Atlantis
Ta Da!
By Phaethon 11 years ago
o.O you liked universe more than atlantis??? guess i shouldnt say much since ive only seen the first 1/2...

1) SG-1
2) Atlantis
3) Universe
By ajak60 11 years ago
Yep! For whatever reason I just don't like the wraith all that much. I liked the sg team quite a bit, but the main enemy wasn't as engaging for me as with sg1
By Phaethon 11 years ago
1. SG1
2. Atlantis
3. Universe

Didn't like Universe at all when I started watching but it got better further in and at the end I was sorry to see it go.
By TorinoGT 11 years ago

I love equally Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Altantis! I didn't watch Universe yet.

By oscuro_errante 1 year ago

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