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Colony Ideas Thread

Have an idea for a Colony?

Dont feel you have the time to run a Colony?

Looking for other people who share your interests before creating?

Look no further!!!

Post in this thread on any and all ideas you have for a colony, and maybe it will be created yes

By ajak60 8 years ago

My ideas: (planning on waiting for Neo Colony to take off a little more before creating some of these)

- Music Colony (see seperate thread)
- Stargate Colony (all shows & movies)
- Vocaloid Colony
- Poké-Colony (Pokemon Colony)
- Dragonlance Colony (book series)
- Star Wars Colony (movies, books, comics)

By ajak60 8 years ago

I would be willing to help out with a stargate and poke colony haha. Those sound like they would be fun.

By DavidWest 8 years ago

A Stargate Colony sounds awesome !!!

By TorinoGT 8 years ago

Stargate colony is up!!! feel free to apply to be a moderator, and ill add you!

By ajak60 8 years ago

ok.. Poké-Colony is up

planning on making the Star Wars Colony soon as well, but want to have a good name for it... any ideas?

By ajak60 8 years ago