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Rogue One or The Force Awakens?

I am curious what people here think was the better movie. I'll start:

I really liked that Rogue One felt like it's own movie. Personally, The Force Awakens was a bit... derivative for me.

By Phaethon 6 years ago

I really prefer Rogue One,


Because in The Force Awakens Disney kill my favorite original trilogy character(Han Solo).


And in Rogue One everyone on scarif die but they do a mision (Get the Death star Plan)

By FivesIsTHEBestones 2 years ago

Rouge One just didn't scream Star Wars to me (so to speak) It was a good movie but not a favorite of mine. The Force Awakens I think was better although I didn't like Disney killing off Han Solo either 😢 I prefer derivative that's why I like all the older movies better but I understand where you're coming from David 😃

By lonewolf6738 2 years ago

Rogue One. It's a well written movie with good action scenes and characters like Krennic and K-2SO.
The Force Awakens is nearly a remake of ANH and I hate lazy writing.

By Hölpenköster 2 years ago

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