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Best anime


By Oktaves 1 year ago

Best anime of this year I might give to "Made in Abyss"

best of all time? I am unsure.

By Olimar_Putin 1 year ago

Best of all time....

Dragon Ball Z... maybe. I have to think a bit more. But I'm a sucker for things like Dragon Ball Z, Hunter X Hunter, and more recently My Hero Academia.

Apparently I need to watch Made In Abyss

By DavidWest 1 year ago

Made in Abyss isn't of the "OVER 9000" variety, but if you have had a past fondness for adventure/mystery Made in Abyss is perfect!

By Olimar_Putin 1 year ago

attack on titan is the best


By KEJI 11 months ago

boku no pico, Cory in the house and pingu take the cake for me. the beutifully animated pingu just makes me eyegasm. and the INCREDIBLY well written Cory in the house is just amazing. let's not even mention the awesome action scenes from Boku  no pico!

By Nekos4Life 11 months ago

Death Parade is one helluva anime...

By ExterHLK 10 months ago

So I finally was able to watch Made in Abyss. I liked it - but I really hope season 2 ends up being better

By DavidWest 10 months ago

Hunter X Hunter. A solid shonen action series that pretty much excels in everything it does. Great world-building + characters and their superpowers are really well explained.


Good day! Movies online

By Solo 10 months ago

One Piece is Perfect but currently My Hero Academia 'Or' Goblin Slayer is best.

By ShuOuma 2 months ago

best anime: fullmetal brotherhood

By murialesser1 1 month ago

Mais je suis un con pour des choses comme Dragon Ball Z, Hunter X Hunter et plus récemmen My Hero Academia.

By ARTIKO 1 month ago

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