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Moving of smaller wallpapers has started

Hey everyone!

A bit ago I posted about moving small wallpapers off Wallpaper Abyss and onto Image Abyss. You can see the reasoning here.

Anyways, this process has officially started! If you're a bit curious about how we are doing it - we are going nice and slow. There are a bit more than 2,000 wallpapers 1024x768 and smaller - and those will be converted to Image Abyss over the next month and a half.

David West
Alpha Coders

By DavidWest 7 months ago

The moving of 1024x768 wallpapers and smaller has completed.

It's our plan to continue moving outdated content, but will be pausing things for now. The next size threshold the admin team has in mind is 1280x800 and smaller.

By DavidWest 5 months ago

Great to know that! It means i have to verify all my ancient wallpapers (A long and hard way XD) yes

By drak95 5 months ago

Another update on the moving of smaller wallpapers. We have started moving 1280x800 and smaller wallpapers!

In total this will move 7247 wallpapers to Image Abyss over the next 5 months. One every 30 minutes.

We don't currently have plans for more moves, but I anticipate that once the 5 months have passed, other small resolutions will also be less popular, and ready for conversion.

By DavidWest 4 months ago

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