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Categorization Guidelines

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All Alpha Coders sites other than Image Abyss require categorization. Good categorization can be really difficult when you first come to Alpha Coders. Below are some of the nuances of categorization.

No categorization is better than bad categorization. If you have no idea how to categorize something, you can just leave it uncategorized and submit to Image Abyss. You can always figure out categorization later!

For objects and things, we use the singular instead of the plural. Examples

  • We use Earth - Flower , not Earth - Flowers
  • We use Animal - Bird , not Animal - Birds

If you are submitting content related to a movie or a tv show, generally you'll want the movie/tv show name as the subcategory, even if it's an image of just one character from that show.

  • Anime - Dragon Ball Z , not Anime - Goku (Goku would be a good tag!)


For photography of people, we generalize the sub category unless it's a public figure.

  • A photo of you looking cool would go in something like Photography - Men
  • A photo of a group of people could go in Photography - People
  • A photo of Steve Carell would go in Celebrity - Steve Carell


Strategies for improving categorization:

1. Tags give clues!

In addition to the category / subcategory system, we have tags - and they can be one of the most power tools to help you categorize content you submit to Alpha Coders. There's already a ton of well categorized content here! Lets do an example:

You are submitting an image of a city, but you aren't sure what category /subcategory an image like this should go in. You know 'city' describes your image. Search Wallpaper Abyss for the term 'city' and you'll see that we have content in Man Made - City, Fantasy - City, etc. If your image is of a real city, Man Made - City would be a good fit.

The more specific your search, the better. In the above example, if you knew the city was New York City, you can search Wallpaper Abyss for 'New York City', and you'll see that we have content in Man Made - New York



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how to resolution picture


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Need to add the option to see only male or female images. 

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