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Discussion for Abstract/Kaleidoscope Content On Wallpaper Abyss

Hey everyone!

I wanted to start a discussion about some of the abstract content being submitted to Wallpaper Abyss, particularly kaleidoscope type content.

Currently, there is too much low effort abstract and kaleidoscope content being submitted to Wallpaper Abyss. The admin/mod team is converting a few things here and there, but I wanted to ask for the community to also chime in before we lay down any hard and fast rules.

  • Wallpaper Abyss is for showcase quality work only:
  • Multiple versions of an image just kaleidoscoped to different degrees does not meet our showcase criteria.
  • We need some moderately reasonable way of determining and communicating kaleidoscope rules.
  • If we can't, as a team, come up with a ruleset that can be reasonably communicated, all future kaleidoscope content will not be eligible for submission to Wallpaper Abyss. I don't necessarily want this option - but it is at least clear.

Please give your input!

David West
Alpha Coders

By Phaethon 3 years ago

I don't know much about this problem, but i will keep submitting my wallpaper. Although i'm not really active right now haha. Please keep up the good job David West and the other developers! Lots of love for u guys

By Zunnn 3 years ago

So i think one rule should be that the end result of the kaleidoscope should not resembled the image you used to make it, my newer kaleidoscopes have gone though half a dozen processes before I get the end result.

I know this isn't much but if I think of some more rules I will definitely post them David.

By lonewolf6738 3 years ago


I am one of those guys That "Manufan63".Talked about

I don't Always create Kaleidoscopic versions of my wallpapers.But recently( meaning yesterday ) I created 73 Kaleidoscopic wallpapers out of 2 wallpapers after spending 4 hours. But they were converted to image abyss ( all my effort was lost ).So, if Kaleidoscopic wallpapers are causing problems, I will not create them anymore( atleast not too many ). 

On the other hand, the rules that I can come up are as follows,

1.Kaleidoscope wallpaper size must be large about 8k or more.

2,Kaleidoscopic wallpapers must be detailed, no minimalist,flat and 2D designs are allowed.

3, Kaleidoscopic wallpaper must be unique from all other kaleidoscopic wallpapers available on alphacoders. 

4, Strict consequences if anyone uploads multiple copies of Kaleidoscopes with slight changes 


By KEJI 3 years ago

Limit uploading, only one kaleidoscopic wallpaper per day, maybe less. So the uploader has to choose the best one but is still allowed to submit them.

Kaleidoscopic wallpapers (or overused types in general) have to be marked when uploading, a single tick is enough. Not marking correctly leads to content removal. Trying to upload two "limited" wallpapers will result in an error (try again tommorow)

By Luke100000 3 years ago

@KEJI making our kaleidoscope wallpaper at least 8k may not be an option for some people myself included and I don't understand why minimalist would be a problem if they were done well.

I just hope we can all find some rules that will be fair to everyone so we can all keep making and submitting our creations smiley

By lonewolf6738 3 years ago

I just think there's way too much anime

By MainBaze 3 years ago

Hi all
I have created many kaleidoscope
but my last publications I have not done
because I did not want to saturate so much of the same
Maybe if there are many kaleidoscopes, there could be some rule to publish
example 1 per week
I send my regards

By Susanlu4esm 3 years ago


I really dont know the concept of "kaleidoscope" but i have uploaded some images with a single subject with different backgrounds and edit. I dont really think this is the ideal solution but there should be a function where we can upload a main wallpaper and in that wallpaper have different versions with color edits and background edits. laugh

By EnRyuu 3 years ago

I go by the limitation for that category too that will help the release of the best ones i guess, that's my thought on the issue.

By BlackLuster 3 years ago

I really appreciate all the input smiley It really helps to see what the community thinks about a particular change.

The posts here led me to create another topic about Showcase Quality , and I think we can safely not put in explicit rules for kaleidoscope type content. Instead we can use the showcase quality criteria as a bar for this type of content - same as other types of content.

So what will this mean moving forward?

  • I would expect to see more moves to Image Abyss if you submit several of a similar content type at the same time, or they aren't necessarily exemplars of their class.
  • If you have multiple versions of an image, try to focus on maybe one or two best versions for the showcase sites. We aren't implementing a hard and fast version limit, but will be a little more strict about this.

Please keep in mind you're more than welcome to share all of the content you create on Image Abyss, while submitting your best pieces to Art Abyss/Wallpaper Abyss.

Again - I really appreciate all the input on this topic.

David West
Alpha Coders


By Phaethon 3 years ago

Thanks David I'm happy with the new criteria smiley

By lonewolf6738 3 years ago

Hate to tell you but generally there is WAY too much Anime, Video games, Autos, actors and models!! Page after page of the same is tiring daily. Anyone got any other wallpaper sites where I don't have to look at this daily??

By sue3955 3 years ago

Hey sue laugh

To be honest, I'm not sure. You probably could find that from a not just wallpaper site.

For Alpha Coders, we have no issue with tons of content of any type as long as it's high quality.

By Phaethon 3 years ago

Thanks for answering! I found a few that are awesome, but if you ever come across any, let me know please!!

By sue3955 3 years ago

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