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Multi Account Guidelines

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It's entirely possible that you and another family member in your household both enjoy content on Alpha Coders, and could each have an account.

From the administrator's perspective, it's very difficult to accurately determine if accounts from the same household are two individuals, or just one individual attempting to gain an advantage.

For this reason, we treat multiple accounts from the same household as a single person.

We ban people for the following reasons:

  • Using multiple accounts to bypass moderator decisions.
  • Using multiple accounts to bypass the untrusted upload limit.
  • Two accounts from the same household rating each other's submissions
  • Using a separate account to re-submit content a moderator moved
  • Using multiple accounts to get multiple chances in raffles, or extra ACP.
  • ANY action that would not be OK for a single account.
  • If one multi household account gets banned, we will automatically ban any other accounts associated with the multi household

It is the responsibility of the multi account household to ensure they aren't violating Alpha Coders policy.

So how do you have a multi-account household and not violate Alpha Coder's policy?

The safest route is to not interact with each other's content. A stray rating or favorite here or there won't suddently get you insta banned - so you don't have to walk on pins and needles, but do as much as you can to keep the accounts separate. If you are both untrusted users submitting content, try to get trusted - or just don't simultaneously submit more than 25 submissions at a time.

Please let me know if you have any questions

David West
Alpha Coders



By DavidWest 2 years ago

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