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Acp Game Update - City - Purchase New Map Tiles

I've made some more changes to the City ACP Game.

  • The previous map size was 20x20. The new map size is 30x30. The extra tiles don't exist yet, but can be purchased. Once they are purchased, they are available to anyone.
  • Some large backend changes to make adding types of objects easier in the future
  • Things can have multiple requirements, and the cost of those will actually be taken from you, unlike before
  • Upgrades will always cost 1 user energy or 10 ACP, in addition to whatever other material costs they have
  • Archer towers now cost 10 gold and 10 wood
  • Houses cost 1 user energy and 5 wood instead of 10 acp

Let me know if you have any questions!

David West
Alpha Coders

By Phaethon 3 years ago

I've released a bug fix for this update.

  • Tower points should tick
  • You can add archers again
  • Farms now feed more archers
  • Fixed bugs associated with changing what is on a coord. If a coord is not displaying correctly, just abandon it and re-build it.
By Phaethon 3 years ago

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