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Alphabetic Tag instead of numbers on the downloaded wallpaper


I was thinking, it would be better to get the Category and Sub-Category as the downloaded wallpaper name instead of numbers or both if it is possible.

Reason =

1. The reason for Category and Sub-Category as a name would be helpfull when browsing through the downloaded wallpapers as you would know what is you are looking at and which category it belongs to. 

I think it should have been done long ago.

2. Numbers because they can be helpful when searching  a downloaded wallpaper on the Alphacoders. You can copy the name of the wallpaper and put it in some random wallpaper address, In this way you can get to the original link of the wallpaper.

So, What do you think ? blush

By KEJI 3 years ago

the number you get from the current download is the wallpaper ID, this helps keep everything unique. If you change this to the cat/subcat you will run into heavy duplicate naming for downloads for large subcategories. 

Of course, the downloaded name can be changed once you obtain it, feel free to use your own method on your computer!

By ajak60 3 years ago

Generally I agree that names instead of IDs are nice, but...

From our end, numbers are way easier than anything that involves text. So much easier.

The easiest way to present a text name to a user for us would be when they download an image to their computer, and just give the file a name via the actual name, or the sub category. Even something as simple as that would actually require a bit of changes, as the download script doesn't actually know what category/sub-category/name/tags the content has.

So it's a good idea KEJI! But probably something we won't implement for the time being.

On the topic of renaming things. If you are in Windows 10 you can:

1. Highlight all the images
2. Right Click -> Rename
3. Enter your new name (maybe the sub category the content is from)
4. All images will be renamed to something like dragon-ball-z (1), dragon-ball-z (2)

I'm sure there are other ways of going about it via command line and such too smiley

By Phaethon 3 years ago

Thanks for the reply,

I don't mean that you replace the wallpaper ID with the Category and Sub-Category name.

What I mean was that you combine them both.

For example, for this wallpaper  

It could be ( 1040089_anime_original ).

In this way you will not have dublicates ( well I guess ).


when the wallpaper is being downloaded, The Download script can fetch category and subcategory information and rename the downloaded wallpaper at that time.

Also the renaming part on Windows 10, I have hundred of Thousands of wallpapers downloaded from Alphacoders. I cannot try to rename them all Right wink

I still think it will be a great feature if it comes out ( Inshallah ).

It will change the downloading experience of many users yes.


By KEJI 3 years ago

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