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Retiring Video Abyss

Hey everyone!

The administrative team has decided to retire Video Abyss. Video Abyss will be retired in late January in order to give people time to download their videos, or other content on the site.

Since Video Abyss has a separate type of content from the other sites at Alpha Coders, the content isn't going to be ported over to another site.

So - why?

We're still a small team; and it's great being a small team. But sometimes that means we have to focus. I really love the idea of having successful video site associated with Alpha Coders, and it being a platform for people to share their video creations on. Video Abyss has been around for a while now, and we just honestly haven't had the manpower to make it successful.

Most people come to Alpha Coders for the images. Wallpaper Abyss being the big heavy hitter, with Mobile Abyss and Art Abyss both competing for 2nd place in terms of traffic. All these sites really do benefit directly from one another. Video is just different enough, that there's quite the same symbiosis.

I want Alpha Coders to excel at what we do. I think in the case of Video Abyss, my dream ambitions got ahead of what we could reasonably accomplish ( especially in an era where the big video players are Youtube, Twitch, and others ).

Let me know if you have questions or comments. I know this is a big change, and it comes right on the heels of us retiring Photography Abyss. Please don't worry that we are going anywhere, or that things are going poorly for us. Things are going nice and steady. We're getting more and more content creators on the site, their submissions keep doing better and better; and things like that are areas we want to have the time and energy to support 100%.


By DavidWest 10 months ago


I go to each of the categories across the board from Wallpapers to Covers to vote up, favor or comment but never venture to Videos.  Keep up the great work that you and your staff always do here.

JerseyGirl smiley

Happy New Year!

By JerseyGirl 9 months ago