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Space Abyss Update - 0.0.11

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since the last Space Abyss update. One week of that was a vacation. Another couple weeks of that was just a ton of time spent messing with advertisements on Alpha Coders. Annoying stuff😃

Space Abyss!!! :



## [0.0.11] - 2020-03-05

### Added
- Re-vamped the object and monster spawning system. Monsters can now spawn harvestable items. A current example of 
this in game right now is Milk Slerms spawning Slerm Milk, which you can harvest from them.
- Monsters have a new attribute, attack_chance_on_harvest . Now we can have stronger monsters with harvestable 
things, and some risk involved. Higher farming level decreases the risk of the monster attacking.
- OUR FIRST LOGO! Courtesy of @UnfuneralOD
- New movement style - static. Now sprites can be set to either a simple flip, having up/down/left/right, or just 
move along with their single animation. This is for large things like Space Stations that look odd if they flip around
really fast.
- Failure messages and an immediate bounce back if a large, dockable ship is trying to land on a planet, or dock with 
 another large ship, (they can't do either)

### Fixed
- Movement speed for MLM body
- I believe I have fixed an issue with new players switching back out of their ship

### Changed
- New ship interior sprites from @UnfuneralOD ( ). Floor, wall, 
airlock, ion engines
- Complexity for Defense Drones (they were the default of 1)
- The assembly requirements and complexity for Corrupted Battery Packs
- Hull welder uses heat skill
- Previously events could only spawn one object type when they de-spawned or were otherwise deleted/killed. I've 
moved that to the drop linker table, and its associated with the individual event linkers. This way, the 
drops of an event are basically the same as a drop from a monster. This will let me have random and rare drops 
when something like a dust storm ends (it's 'uncovering' treasure or something)
- Removed the option to assemble 'all' and '10' when assembling from a shipyard, since the shipyard gets used up at the
end of the assembly.


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