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Space Abyss Update - 0.1.0

I've completely re-done quite a few systems - the biggest of which is the monster spawning system. The old system was very static. The new system is dynamic, and should be able to be changed without even a server restart, while the old system would have required a planet to be regenerated.

## [0.1.0] - 2020-04-21

### Added
- Monsters can now spawn in space.
- Comets spawn in the galaxy. They can be mined for ice blocks
- A new property to object types - spawns_in_galaxy. Boolean. This lets the asteroid system turn into more of a system
for anything that spawns directly in the galaxy
- Objects like asteroids and comets can now move around the galaxy
- Monster types can now be weak or strong to all damage types
- Object types can now be weak or strong against heat/freezing damage types 
- Message text whenever something levels up. There was previously intermittent support for this, but it wasn't obvious 
- The server is now sending conversion linkers to the client. The result parts of the conversion linkers aren't sent. 
This still removes a bit of mystery, but being a farmer in Space Abyss basically sucked when you had to scroll through 
your entire inventory every time. 
- Admins can reload an event and all it's linkers and planet linkers from the database while the server is running

### Fixed
- Some spawners that don't spawn with HP and can't be attacked were failing to spawn things since their
hp_percent was NaN.
- Picking up Life Water
- Equipping wasn't working for some of the Exodium and Quick Matter set
- Lots of skills weren't updating properly. Lots of little broken bits around that system. Fixed them.
- Various bugs with switching views
- Display issue with the Primordial Ooze Pool
- Asteroids would show up on any view when they moved - made the shouldDraw checks more consistent on all views,
and fixed quite a few bugs that showed up from that.
- Spawned events were being deleted from memory, but not the database. This caused a bunch of old spawned events to 
always appear after a server startup, delaying events.

### Changed
- COMPLETELY changed how monsters and objects spawn on planets. 
- OLD WAY: Previously, there were set objects and monsters during 
planet creation. A big downside of this is that I needed to regenerate a planet everytime I added in 
a new object or monster that I wanted to spawn on the planet. If the number that spawned felt wrong, I had to re-generate 
the entire planet. If there was a bug and players destroyed something they shouldn't - I could either manually add it back 
in or... regenerate the planet.
- NEW WAY: Monsters and objects spawn via the event system. So I can change a monster or objects spawn behavior without 
regenerating the entire planet. 
- Changed the frame count and attackability of various spawners to work with the new system.
- Most edible things have had their duration doubled. I've found that only 10 ticks as a minimum goes by really fast. So 
the new general minimum is 20 ticks.

By DavidWest 1 month ago