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Space Abyss Update - 0.1.3

Quite a few more changes regarding the effect sprites. I'm working on building up a tutorial and an in-game helper. As I do that, I'm naturally going to be touching up/improving quite a few game systems here and there. So that's most of what to expect in the next update or two :)

## [0.1.3] - 2020-05-27

### Added
- Healing effect sprite, hacking effect sprite, piercing effect sprite
- I'm testing the idea of an in-game help system. Added a 'help' button next to the chat buttons. When clicked, this will pull up
the most recent failure messages that a player has received, more text about them, and link them to the relevant tutorial page.

### Fixed
- There were quite a few bugs with the new effects. Just visual things like not following monsters, or not disappearing all the time. Lots of fixes for theses
- Bug with attacking objects leftover from testing dependancy issues
- Events spawning in the galaxy was bugged. They weren't getting the galaxy coord at the time of the event insert. Fixed this.
- Player attack now has all the possible damage types added/calculated.
- Fixed many major bugs with pathfinding
- Galaxy events weren't listening to their limit. Now there's over a hundred asteroids in space XD
- Mining in your ship could cause you to not be able to walk around your ship anymore if the tiles were full.
- Bug with calculating player HP when defending from monsters
- Taking part of an inventory item would make it disappear until your client had to re-pull the information for that inventory item.
- Logging into the game should work better. The client needed a connected response from the server, but sometimes the server would send that before
the client was ready to accept it. Why? No idea! Now the client will ask for that connected message every few seconds until it receives one it
is ready for.

### Changed
- Spacelane Beacons, Algae Power Cells, and normal Power Cells now assembly requirements.
- Manufacturer assembly requirements. No longer requires nano bonders. I think in general I like having one or two main requirements for something,
rather than a main requirement and a 'bonding/linking/ agent. This changed the manufacturer's salvaging too.
- Merged mining and salvaging beams with the new effects sprites
- Lots of updates to make mining and salvaging flow better
- The spawning rate and decay rates of things were really out of whack in practice. Changed decay from one tick every 10 minutes to one tick every 2 hours.
Changed spawning from one tick every 2 hours to one tick every 10 minutes.

By DavidWest 6 months ago