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Space Abyss Update - 0.1.4

Hey everyone! Look at me using the Space Abyss Community to post this! I actually pushed an update late last week and then.... didn't post it. So the sever has been updated since Friday.

Mostly - a bunch of fixes with this update.🙂

## [0.1.4] - 2020-06-05

### Added
- is_full_game_file_index property to object types. Now things that store energy can visually show players if they are full or not.
- You now receive a more clear success message when landing on a planet, and your ion drives are refilled.
- An error message if you are trying to place a floor, and there is no coord below.

### Fixed
- A little if statement bug that caused the right animation to display instead of the left animation sometimes
- Issue with text going off the game screen.
- Ice can now be mined into ice containers
- Kick beans, when planted, now turn into kick plants, not kick beans
- Multiple issues with tint and object names
- Multiples of the same effect type will now be displayed
- Bug with monsters spawning things
- AI's spawning defensive monster types
- If the object in an inventory item can no longer be found, the inventory item will be deleted.
- I BELIEVE that I have fixed another bug with monsters not showing up on the correct tile.

### Changed
- Object types now use a max_energy_storage property instead of max_storage for clarity
- Object types now have a is_active_frame_count property instead of a frame_count property, again for clarity
- Energy storage can now be assembled, and not just spawned on certain ships when they are created.
- Expanded the energy storage capacity of AI batteries, and made them more difficult to assemble.
- Assembly requirements from Ship Shield Generators and Voon Steaks

By DavidWest 1 month ago