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Bug: Multiple Nano Bonders

In my current game as Captain Kork I do not have 1 stack of Nano Bonders in my inventory but 5 stacks, one of 5 units, and 4 of 1 unit each.

Shouldn´t those stack up to 1 stack of 9?


Algae Power Cells do not have a picture?


By mega-observer 1 month ago

I'll look into both of these today🙂

Is there any chance you remember what action created the second stack, instead of the single stack (picking up from the floor, picking up from the inventory of a container)? Any context helps🙂

By DavidWest 1 month ago

There was an area with 4 abandoned pods. Rightclicking I saw that I could take over a single one of them and did so one after the other to see if anything was still inside. A few had stuff that I could salvage and the additional stack came from the salvaging. After I had salvaged everything possible I took over my own pod again and continued with having several stacks of Nanobenders.

In the same game I am unable to create a forge using the manufacturer in my pod.

By mega-observer 1 month ago

It helps a TON to know that the additional stack came from salvaging. I am now investigating this🙂

By DavidWest 1 month ago