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Who is you're favorite X-Man

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Who is you're favorite X-Men Character

By Ghostly 9 months ago

Wow so many to choose from, I like a few of them, Nightcrawler is cool and I like Wolverine and Storm. Who is your favorite one my friend?

By lonewolf6738 9 months ago

Same as you I have a lot of favs but I would choose between Storm and Havok

By Ghostly 8 months ago

You don't hear or see much of Havok, I had to look him up on Google, then I remembered him😛

By lonewolf6738 8 months ago

My favorite X-Man is Wolverine and  my favorite X-Woman is Mystic.

By Marie Antoinette 7 months ago

If you mean the X-Woman with blue skin, then she is not Mystic, but Mystique @Marie Antoinette


By mega-observer 5 months ago

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