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Retiring: Sellable Licenses, ACP Mini Games

Hello everyone!

cdd has been hard at work updating our fleet of sites. Whenever so much time is spent pouring over and updating old things, there are always some things that you think, "Should this come forward with everything else?"

This time around, we gave a lot of thought to, and have decided to retire the following:

1. Alpha Coders Creator Sellable Licenses

If content was part of the Alpha Coders Creator program, you could let people buy licenses to that content for a price. This is separate from getting paid for views on your content!

What the issues were:

  • Who in the world trusts the validity of a license bought from a wallpaper site?
  • Limited selection/site support.

The first issue is effectively the main one. We spent a good amount of moderator time making sure our offerings were legitimate. But I personally wouldn't trust any other wallpaper site, so the ecosystem within our niche just isn't there.


  • Creators are able to, and we recommend, that they put links to their most successful licensing platform in the Additional Info section of their submissions.

2. ACP Mini Games

Some users have extra ACP - I made some mini games as a sink so people could have fun with their extra ACP

What the issues were:

  • I'm spending all my time working on Space Abyss

I'm not supporting the ACP Mini Games very well right now. Part of that is me spending a lot of time on Space Abyss - part of it is a massively increased workload due to distance learning.

I LOVE the idea of little fun things that users can do to spend extra ACP. So I would expect this concept/idea to move forward in some form, but there aren't firm plans right now


  • Currently none - I would imagine something pops up eventually

Thanks for your understanding everyone!

David West
Alpha Coders


By Phaethon 2 years ago

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