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Author Rules

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Our author system is to showcase individual artists.

Please only enter an author name if you know that a specific indivdual made the image. Otherwise, just leave the field blank.

Please don't add the following as author:

  • idk, n/a, or other ways of saying you don't know who the author is
  • Production companies. e.g. ABC, Netflix
  • Copyright owners. e.g. Nintendo, Sony, Disney


Guidelines for marking yourself as the author:

Taking a screenshot from an anime, tv show or movie doesn't make you the author for our system. The same goes if you just cropped/rotated/... the image. Please don't mark yourself as being the author unless your contribution to an image is completely original, or more transformative than the things highlighted above.


By DavidWest 2 months ago

I can give you all the raw images i have used to edit this. And i am the one who edited this. I also have a page known as photo_phactoryy007 on instagram where you can see all my edits:)

By kissmyaxe 1 month ago

Hi kissmyaxe,

You have been added back as the author on the content you have submitted, sorry about the inconvenience.

Have a great day,


By cdd 1 month ago

the parrot photo which I uploaded was taken by my in my phone plz make me the author again

By anime21 3 weeks ago


You should be able to re-add yourself as the author if that's the case.

By DavidWest 3 weeks ago

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