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Transitioning to a new default view: Infinite Scroll

Hey everyone!

We are working on transitioning the default view to infinite scroll for everyone (and everywhere!).

This does require a bit of testing live on the sites. We've chosen to start this test with the tag pages on Wallpaper Abyss. 

If you notice that your view is changing from paged to infinite scroll, this is why. You can always set a specific view to override this. 

Let us know if you have any input on infinite scroll vs pagination. We tend to think it's nicer for users overall, but had dumb roadblocks to implementing it in the past (mostly advertiser related). Those appear to be gone!

By DavidWest 6 months ago

Okay hope this doesn't sound dumb but when I go to comment on a wallpaper and then go back to see the rest of the wallpapers it takes me back to the first one instead of leaving going where I left off so I have to space bar down to where I was.  A little annoying but I do do it.

Does that make sense?

By JerseyGirl 6 months ago

Hi JerseyGirl!

Yeah, it's a downside of the new default approach. But you do have a couple of options!

1. You can still use the paged view. In sorting options, just choose pagination.

2. When heading to a wallpaper, you can always open it in a new tab (right click instead of left click on the image), interact with the wallpaper in the new tab, close the tab, and you're right where you left off.


Also a note to everyone else - infinite scroll as the default is live everywhere on Wallpaper Abyss!

By DavidWest 6 months ago

Thanks DW, That Worked out Fine🙂

By JerseyGirl 6 months ago

I'm glad that helped🙂If your mouse has a center button/scroll wheel, clicking down on it when your mouse cursor is on a thumbnail should open that wallpaper page in a new tab. That's normally how I do things🙂

By DavidWest 6 months ago

Pressing Ctrl key while clicking on a link also automatically opens it in a new tab 😛

By cdd 6 months ago

I open things in a new tab when I remember but I never knew I could click the center button/scroll wheel on my mouse when the cursor is on a thumbnail and the wallpaper page would open in a new tab. Thanks David 👍

Tried the Ctrl key cdd, wow it worked, did not know that either, thanks cdd 👍

By lonewolf6738 6 months ago

I'll have to experiement with these 2 new options as well and see what works best for me.  So much to remember LOL

Thanks Everyone😀

The clicking in the middle of the scroll button works for me (when I remember), it's just a matter of getting use too.🤪

By JerseyGirl 6 months ago

Ya I forget to use it and automatically do it the old way😃

By lonewolf6738 5 months ago

Hi, I also had trouble going back to the old wallpaper with the new system, but I have activated paging and it has been resolved.

I will also try the other alternatives mentioned, thanks!

By the way, I just accidentally touched the "Subscription Added" button and I don't know what it's for. Now it is not deactivated 😦

By Faraway 5 months ago

Subscription are a way to get daily notification (by email) about new content being submitted in sub-categories, ...

You can see your subscriptions here:

It's safe to remove it if you don't want it, you can add it again anytime you want.

By cdd 5 months ago

Thanks cdd 😅

By Faraway 5 months ago

Thanks Everyone😀  hello dear Teatv App

By paulvijayji 5 months ago

Yesterday I noticed infinite scroll which I call (continuous viewing) in more categories than Wallpaper Abyss.  I do like i! 👍

Thank You and Kudos for your continued efforts and work to improve this site.

By JerseyGirl 4 months ago

Hey JerseyGirl😃

Yeah, we should have infinite scroll (continuous viewing) in most places by default now if its a page for viewing a set of images.

We will still be making little changes/improvements but most of the major changes in regard to this should be done now. 


By DavidWest 4 months ago

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