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Notice: Changes To Tags

Hey everyone!

I mentioned this in a reply to the tag rules post, but I also wanted to make a dedicated post.

We are no longer going to allow tags that are duplicates of sub category.

Additionally, we are going to retroactively remove ALL tags that are duplicates of the subcategory.

As an example. If I submit content to Animal - Cat, both the tags animal and cat would be automatically removed from the content.



Why the change?

In the end, having identical sub categories and tags creates pages with very similar content. It can actually make it harder for people to find new wallpapers.

By Phaethon 1 year ago

👍 Got it!

By JerseyGirl 1 year ago

Got it as well David, now I just have to remember to change my way of doing things😃👍


By lonewolf6738 1 year ago

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