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What advice has worked for you?

I'll start with a somewhat silly yet pretty nice one.

Just Keep Swimming.

I'm sure you all recognize it from Finding Nemo! Like I said before - it's a tad bit silly. Nevertheless, it really is a nice little piece of advice when things are trying to keep you from moving foward. What other advice - simple, silly, complex, or serious - has worked for you?

By DavidWest 6 years ago

It's the choice of Steins;Gate, El Psi Congroo

Steins Gate quote that means absolutely nothing, but find myself using a bit since seeing the series

a must watch show!

By ajak60 6 years ago

I do like the modified version a bit more. Plenty of people would do crazy things on their last day. However, if it's your last chance to love the people/things around you, you'll have a very rewarding day.

By DavidWest 6 years ago

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