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I genuinely appreciate this response.  I was feeling so positive about my creations (which of course take time and effort) and then found myself feeling very downtrodden by my interactions with you.  And in the spirit of being fully honest, I even felt a bit targeted afterward.  Happy to go into more detail privately regarding that.

Anyhow, I am also perfectly willing to see if we can't just move forward in a more positive light.  I have questions about some of my submissions as it relates to the feedback that was provided.  I do not feel as though I fully understand (I apologize if that frustrates you) the reasoning, nor the actual solution necessary.

4 years ago

In a way,  I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one suffering through inconsistent moderation followed by a sense of unhelpfulness as it relates to the images I have worked hard on.  I have been made to feel as though my work is subpar and seeking clarification on how to improve my work in their subjective eyes comes across as though I am bothering them.  I feel as though my initial excitement for creating content here has been quickly squashed by the very creator of this site.  I suppose I'll just take my work elsewhere and look for a community organizer that is more helpful and positive with his support.  I've had a very unfortunate experience imo.

4 years ago