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Boa Tarde.

Obrigado, próxima vez vou ser mais cuidadoso.

E uma pergunta no lugar certo.

1 week ago

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Good Morning.

So I did everything wrong and unintentionally created a topic instead of a question.

Or at least edit this part of the printout.

For if I try to edit this is giving error.

1 week ago

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Se é possível apagar o que eu fiz de errado aqui no site, eu agradeceria.

Excluir este:

2 weeks ago

Good morning.

Ok Cdd thank you very much for your reply.

1 month ago

So I have a related question about what happened, with 2 posts of mine here on the site.

About the rules of the site system identifies that it is family posting or not.

The first image the system of the site recognized the art with the bottle of wine and released.(As Borderline)= image &art abyss.

Already the second that only has written and very small the word "Beer"

In the hat and the system identified as an image not suitable for families ( image abyss)?

The images: 



Yes I am using an online translator.

1 month ago