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Fall anime season doesn't start for another month!! :P


currently watching:

Knights & Magic

Restaurant to Another World

New Game! (season 2)


By ajak60 8 months ago ago

Posted In: E3 2016 Predictions

Monster Hunter Generations demo


That is all.

By ajak60 1 year ago ago

Gandhi from Civilization.... watch your back or he'll nuke you!

By ajak60 2 years ago ago

finally saw the trailer to this... and it doesnt look too bad, might have to watch it at some point

By ajak60 2 years ago ago

Posted In: fairies nature

It's all about the gnomes... don't get on their bad side

By ajak60 3 years ago ago

or just have the complete box set and skip the ads

By ajak60 3 years ago ago

Posted In: Favorite Character?

that one guy! in the funny hat


(haven't seen it!)

By ajak60 3 years ago ago

Bleach is a series, that, after watching 5 years worth of episodes in 1 week you are guilted into watching the rest of the series as well...


In all seriousness, the fights are pretty awsome though it drags on and on at some parts. animation for the years it was out was pretty good (though big budget helped there) as well as seeing characters develop over (literally) hundreads of eps and understanding actions of characters from the first season only at the tail end of the show.


Do i consider it a good watch? yeah, its ok.

Should you watch it? only if there is nothing else (shorter!) that you have to watch

By ajak60 3 years ago ago


but since you cant have a 5-long user name a o was born!

so, Mr. Alphacat, 0. Zero is my favorite

By ajak60 3 years ago ago

Posted In: Pics of your Work!

thanks DW, i can see now

By ajak60 3 years ago ago

Posted In: Pics of your Work!

stupid question... i keep getting updates for this thread, but the last thing i see is the 2nd vid torino posted... am i not seeing alot of posts, or am i getting random emails? if it is the former, and someone sees this, please make a bug report for me since i cant see any replies

By ajak60 3 years ago ago

How do people like Civ: B E? know that DW has booted it up for at least a little bit how about anyone else?


I feel like its almost incomplete... like this should be a pre-release not the full game. features are present, but dont seem to be fleshed out enough (bring back more than 1 leader option per civ!) and unit upgrades seemed to take a HUGE hit in this game, being railroaded for most of their trees.


Tech web is amazing! and love the teared system they have going in the web as well! makes for a much more interesting scientific game


AI is.. interesting... semi-aggresive aliens, i like. non-functioning auto explore sucks... too much micromanagement exploring (ive always set on auto and watched them run in previous games).


also, DW how do i link this to the game info like what you have with Destiny? dont see options like that anywhere

By ajak60 3 years ago ago

Posted In: Pics of your Work!

yeah LW, i need to clean (eventually) but the damn computer keeps turning on and distracting me!

By ajak60 3 years ago ago

Posted In: Pics of your Work!

love the size of your pics DW :P and is the robotics book any good?


ill need to take a few of my area and post them in a little bit

By ajak60 3 years ago ago