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Posted In: Colony Ideas Thread

My ideas: (planning on waiting for Neo Colony to take off a little more before creating some of these)

- Music Colony (see seperate thread)
- Stargate Colony (all shows & movies)
- Vocaloid Colony
- Poké-Colony (Pokemon Colony)
- Dragonlance Colony (book series)
- Star Wars Colony (movies, books, comics)

By ajak60 8 years ago ago

Posted In: Colony Ideas Thread

Have an idea for a Colony?

Dont feel you have the time to run a Colony?

Looking for other people who share your interests before creating?

Look no further!!!

Post in this thread on any and all ideas you have for a colony, and maybe it will be created yes

By ajak60 8 years ago ago

Posted In: Music Colony

dont want to officailly create this yet, but wanted to post here first to get opinions from others on how to handle this...

mainly making this thread due to the popularity of the thread on the alphacoders forums page (hitting 200 posts soon!)

questions for any and all:

should we have a seperate Colony for each genre of music? or just a general music Colony?

ill update the questions list as more come up/ideas are posted by others to keep first post current

By ajak60 8 years ago ago

Posted In: Anime News

No links yet, but thinking we could use this when new shows/movies are announced, start to air, or get out of Japan! (dubbed in other languages)

I will probably end up linking some of the better anime news sites eventually.

By ajak60 8 years ago ago

Posted In: Anime Colony!

- Favorite Anime show/OAV                             Angel Beats      (currently)
- Favorite Anime movie                                     Sword of the Stranger
- Favorite ongoing show                                   Fairy Tail
- Favorite Character                                           Fam Fan Fan (Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing) - changes around alot, depending on what show i last watched
- How long you've been watching                   seriously started watching about 3 years ago
- First Anime series watched                           Tactical Roar
- First Anime movie watched                            Tonari No Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)

a site that i use to help track what i have watched (not updated for a little bit)

By ajak60 8 years ago ago

Posted In: Anime Colony!

First colony created!!!

playing around with this, so lets see how it turns out yes

Guess this should be the welcome/introduction thread for this

Made this Colony because i enjoy anime alot, and thought it might be interesting to see who else enjoys it too!

So... i guess if you want to reply to the following questions below!
- Favorite Anime show/OAV
- Favorite Anime movie
- Favorite ongoing show
- Favorite Character
- How long you've been watching
- First Anime series watched
- First Anime movie watched
- Whatever else you would like to post!

By ajak60 8 years ago ago

Horray! ill have to play around with this site when i have more time!!

By ajak60 8 years ago ago