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Hey everyone!

Today we are implementing a new rule regarding watermarks.

It's long been stated in our submission rules: that " It is a goal of Wallpaper Abyss to always show the end user the best version of an image. "

Most of us should be pretty used to that idea.

Thinking about it... there is something that, 99.9% of the time, is NOT the best version of an image. Any guesses? An image with the watermark of a wallpaper/image hosting site on it.

Due to this:

Images with watermarks from wallpaper sites/image hosting sites are no longer allowed on Wallpaper Abyss, and should be submitted to Image Abyss.

There's a repeated dynamic where someone will submit a version of an image with the watermark of another wallpaper/image hosting site on it, and literally all anyone has to do to get that moved as a duplicate, is find any version without it. It's a dance as old as time around here, and we want to find some new moves.

We also want to fully support responsible sharing. Finding sources that don't mark up other's content are also more likely to have actual author information.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

By DavidWest 3 months ago ago

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted. I figured now was a good time to give an update! I've been working diligently but quietly moving Space Abyss along - with the hopes of getting it to a point where I consider it reasonably playable laugh

I've found a couple of artists to help out with assets. I don't think a game has to look spectacular to be enjoyable - but I am finding that I really love having art that goes beyond my own drawing abilities.

Below are a couple of screenshot highlights:



Space Abyss is slowly but surely turning into the world I dream it to be. If you haven't given it a shot in a while, I think now is a good time to jump in and see some of the progress that has been made.

I've also decided (as of a couple of days ago) to keep a changelog for Space Abyss. You can find it at the bottom of

You'll notice that even over the last few days, there have been quite a few fixes and improvements. That's been happening silently up to this point, but from here on out I'm going to make a little more noise laugh


By DavidWest 3 months ago ago

Hey everyone!

The administrative team has decided to retire Video Abyss. Video Abyss will be retired in late January in order to give people time to download their videos, or other content on the site.

Since Video Abyss has a separate type of content from the other sites at Alpha Coders, the content isn't going to be ported over to another site.

So - why?

We're still a small team; and it's great being a small team. But sometimes that means we have to focus. I really love the idea of having successful video site associated with Alpha Coders, and it being a platform for people to share their video creations on. Video Abyss has been around for a while now, and we just honestly haven't had the manpower to make it successful.

Most people come to Alpha Coders for the images. Wallpaper Abyss being the big heavy hitter, with Mobile Abyss and Art Abyss both competing for 2nd place in terms of traffic. All these sites really do benefit directly from one another. Video is just different enough, that there's quite the same symbiosis.

I want Alpha Coders to excel at what we do. I think in the case of Video Abyss, my dream ambitions got ahead of what we could reasonably accomplish ( especially in an era where the big video players are Youtube, Twitch, and others ).

Let me know if you have questions or comments. I know this is a big change, and it comes right on the heels of us retiring Photography Abyss. Please don't worry that we are going anywhere, or that things are going poorly for us. Things are going nice and steady. We're getting more and more content creators on the site, their submissions keep doing better and better; and things like that are areas we want to have the time and energy to support 100%.


By DavidWest 3 months ago ago

Hello khanhmda,

Currently our API is only for Wallpaper Abyss - desktop class wallpapers.

By DavidWest 3 months ago ago

Posted In: November Mod Money

I've edited in the November bonuses!

By DavidWest 4 months ago ago

Hey everyone!

It's been a few months since we had a special raffle. For the month of December, we are doing an Author special raffle!

You can get more details at:

and the scoring page is at:

In short: Add authors to existing content, or add authors to new content to have a chance to win a prize!

Let me know if you have questions!

David West
Alpha Coders

By DavidWest 4 months ago ago

I figured I would give an update on this!

9 months later, everything 1280x800 and smaller has been moved off Wallpaper Abyss.

We are now going to start on 1280x960 and smaller - that's over 18,000 wallpapers. At one image every 30 minutes... it's gonna take a while laugh

By DavidWest 4 months ago ago

I have made more edits to make things more clear:

  • No nude photography, exposed genitalia, or completely uncovered breasts/butts.
  • No visible female nipples

I've also included more examples. I think it could be confusing whether an arm/leg covering things was still considered nude photography - that has been clarified.

By DavidWest 4 months ago ago

Posted In: Copy rights

Hey david, we have a nice topic on that:

Let me know if that helps

By DavidWest 4 months ago ago

Hey Uploader__!

It can take a while for a moderator to get to individual images. It looks like the things you have submitted are live now. Please pay attention to the private messages you get when a moderator makes changes to your submissions.

If you have any more questions, just ask!

By DavidWest 5 months ago ago

I think names are good for making something a bit more unique. With things like fractals, it's harder by nature because they are abstracted pieces. If naming them is taking up a bit of time, maybe focus on naming the ones that you really find exceptional. Good names might come easier to those.


By DavidWest 5 months ago ago

The move of Photography Abyss content is now done.

Photography Abyss, as a separate entity, is no more. RIP.

By DavidWest 5 months ago ago


Definitely feel free to PM me with any questions you have. I'm happy to go into more detail, and get to a point where things make sense.

By DavidWest 6 months ago ago


I agree with you that I should have been more positive and constructive, especially in my first PM to you. I apologize for starting off things on the wrong foot. There's a lot of rule enforcement that me and the moderator team have to do - and the goal is always to be pleasant while upholding the strict standards of Wallpaper Abyss. I didn't achieve that goal in regards to my interactions with you. I do wish you the best in all your endeavors!

By DavidWest 6 months ago ago

Posted In: Tag Rules

After looking into things a little more, it looks like some tags 4+ years old are mis-attributed to different users. This is coming up since a lot of old Photography Abyss content is being moved, in a newest section, and moderators are fixing some bad tags.

If you know you never added a tag, you can safely just ignore the PM. It won't affect your account standing.

By DavidWest 6 months ago ago