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Sorry for the late reply. I'm not seeing notifications about new posts in Community Abyss very well.

As long as it doesn't infringe on anyone's copyright, you're more than welcome to link to any stores/products related to your work. 

10 months ago

Posted In: June Raffle Winner

Congratulations to Chic-Type 59 on winning this month's raffle for a volcano kit!

The raffle for July will be up shortly

10 months ago

I'm glad that helped🙂If your mouse has a center button/scroll wheel, clicking down on it when your mouse cursor is on a thumbnail should open that wallpaper page in a new tab. That's normally how I do things🙂

11 months ago

Hey everyone!

I mentioned this in a reply to the tag rules post, but I also wanted to make a dedicated post.

We are no longer going to allow tags that are duplicates of sub category.

Additionally, we are going to retroactively remove ALL tags that are duplicates of the subcategory.

As an example. If I submit content to Animal - Cat, both the tags animal and cat would be automatically removed from the content.



Why the change?

In the end, having identical sub categories and tags creates pages with very similar content. It can actually make it harder for people to find new wallpapers.

11 months ago

Posted In: Tag Rules

Hey everyone!

I've made another update to the tag rules

We're working on having less redundant duplication across the site. For this reason, please no longer submit tags that are identical to the subcategory you are submitting content into.

In general, you'll also see moderators being a little more strict about removing tags if they aren't a prominent part of the image.

11 months ago

Hi JerseyGirl!

Yeah, it's a downside of the new default approach. But you do have a couple of options!

1. You can still use the paged view. In sorting options, just choose pagination.

2. When heading to a wallpaper, you can always open it in a new tab (right click instead of left click on the image), interact with the wallpaper in the new tab, close the tab, and you're right where you left off.


Also a note to everyone else - infinite scroll as the default is live everywhere on Wallpaper Abyss!

11 months ago

Hey everyone!

A bit of sad news - we're going to retire Cover Abyss.

It's always good to experiment with what types of content our community wants to consume; especially if it's images. In the end, Cover Abyss hasn't really been a source of community for the sites, or a great place to first find a new image. It's been great for someone searching specifically for a Facebook Cover/Twitter Header, but really only things like that.

The message of Cover Abyss has also conflicted a bit with the 'Personal private use only' that most of our images have. 

If you're worried about Avatar Abyss - don't be. That's a lot more personal, the community around it is a lot more active, and while the 'private' part of it is a little sus (😅), we think it will pretty much always be a good fit for the community here.

Thanks everyone. Let me know if you have any questions!

11 months ago

Hey everyone!

We are working on transitioning the default view to infinite scroll for everyone (and everywhere!).

This does require a bit of testing live on the sites. We've chosen to start this test with the tag pages on Wallpaper Abyss. 

If you notice that your view is changing from paged to infinite scroll, this is why. You can always set a specific view to override this. 

Let us know if you have any input on infinite scroll vs pagination. We tend to think it's nicer for users overall, but had dumb roadblocks to implementing it in the past (mostly advertiser related). Those appear to be gone!

11 months ago

Posted In: I can't play....

 Katsuki Bakugou,

Server is up - what browser are you using, and how far do you get into the login process? Things all look to be working on my end. Feel free to mesage me on Discord too!

1 year ago

Posted In: Author Rules

Our author system is to showcase individual artists.

Please only enter an author name if you know that a specific indivdual made the image. Otherwise, just leave the field blank.

Please don't add the following as author:

  • idk, n/a, or other ways of saying you don't know who the author is
  • Production companies. e.g. ABC, Netflix
  • Copyright owners. e.g. Nintendo, Sony, Disney


Guidelines for marking yourself as the author:

Taking a screenshot from an anime, tv show or movie doesn't make you the author for our system. The same goes if you just cropped/rotated/... the image. Please don't mark yourself as being the author unless your contribution to an image is completely original, or more transformative than the things highlighted above.


1 year ago

Posted In: Tag Rules

I've updated the tag rules with a small example.🙂

1 year ago

What are captions? Captions are a description of an image. Either going for accuracy, or even being funny (but relevant)!

Caption rules:

Over $60 in raffle prizes!!

Scoring page:

If you aren't sure about what decent captions look like, always feel free to visit the recent captions on Wallpaper Abyss ( ), or ask one of the mod team.

I wish everyone the best!

1 year ago


1 year ago

Posted In: Featured Wallpapers

Thanks for the great submissions😃

1 year ago

Hey Marco!

We do have a simplified view for seeing more thumbnails on the same page at the same time. IMO simplified view + arrow keys can be nicer than trying to scroll through an infinite scroll page regardless of thumb size. Of course you can have a different opininion😃

Most of the time users are using the site to see if they would like to use an image as a wallpaper; the idea behind the larger thumbs is to do that job better; and that's the direction our main thumbnail presentation needs to follow.

Thank you for your input!


1 year ago