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Those are all on my list of ones to buy and play. Nex Machina looks like it's on sale right now for the Playstation. 

I'm basically just waiting to finish one of the games I'm currently working on, and then I'll probably get one of those.

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

I haven't found too much to watch this fall yet - though I know it's all just starting.

I'll be finishing up My Hero Academia - a very surprising, creative, and inspiring anime. One I highly recommend. In some ways it feels like a more lighthearted Hunter X Hunter.

I just noticed that .hack//SIGN was on Hulu, so I'm going to start off by re-watching that. It's a classic one for me

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

I wanted to share some of the science fiction that I absolutely adore.

1. Most things by Peter F Hamilton

My favorite trilogy by him is The Void Trilogy. I actually started with the 3rd book not realizing there were previous books, and about a quarter of the way into it, went back and read the first two.

I love his general world building, the far future sci fi, and really interesting concepts. Sometimes he can be a little long winded (Great North Road).

2. A Fire Upon The Deep by Vernor Vinge

The world building - the universe - in this book is just amazing. I fell in love with the aliens, and the rules governing things in this universe. 

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

Currently I am playing No Man's Sky and Disgaea 5. 

Both are pretty open ended time sinks if you let them be

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

1. Popcorn

2. Churros

3. Cheetos

I am a shining beacon of health

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

If you haven't played Breath of the Wild, you should do it. It currently stands as one of my favorite games of all time, and I haven't traditionally been the biggest Zelda fan.

Breath of the Wild made me realize one of the things that I miss from most games recently is a sense of adventure. Playing this game made me feel like a 12 year old boy going on an adventure. The experience is sublime.

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

With The Matrix on Netflix, I was curious about some of the similar movies. Movie Abyss has this anime.... Summer Wars... as related. I thought it was kind of funny and wondered if anyone thought that was accurate. I figure I'll give it a watch just to see.

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

I'm beyond excited for a true successor to Super Mario 64/Sunshine. After Breath of the Wild, I have really high hopes that Nintendo can knock it out of the park with Mario too. 

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

One of my favorite side charcters so far is Thirteen. I've really enjoyed how much personality is in the entire My Hero Academia universe. There's so much variety in the characters.

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

Posted In: Mighty All Might

I really wish we didn't know All Might was sickly as soon as we did in the show; or maybe I just wish he was a little less sick.

Normally I'm not a huge fan of stories moving backwards, but I think it would be fun to see his journey into becoming All Might

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

I am curious what people here think was the better movie. I'll start:

I really liked that Rogue One felt like it's own movie. Personally, The Force Awakens was a bit... derivative for me.

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

I haven't played the first Destiny a ton, but I'm pretty excited about how Destiny 2 is going to turn out

By DavidWest 2 years ago ago

I haven't played the latest set yet, but wanted to see if anyone had thoughts about them

By DavidWest 2 years ago ago

I was so sad when Onix was so weak in Pokemon GO. 

Another one of my favorites: Torkoal. I love anything resembling a turtle

By DavidWest 2 years ago ago

November 15th Eve Online is going to have a free play verison. Basically free accounts will get a limited skill pool, but be able to play the game. 

It appears that the mmo world is changing, and the typical monthly subscription model is less sustainable that it used to be. I hope this isn't signaling the end of Eve... it's a great game.

By DavidWest 2 years ago ago