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There were some nice indie updates/releases this month for me, and I'm catching up on one of the original titles released on the Nintendo Switch.

  • Stardew Valley
  • Kingom Two Crowns
  • Fast RMX

What's everyone else playing this December? Has anything been surprising, either in how much you liked it, or how much you don't?

By DavidWest 11 months ago ago

Kingdom Two Crowns was recently released, and it continues to be one of my favorite indie game series. The basic gameplay loop is really simple. Get coins, build up defenses, and hope they survive the night. The whole game is built up around that, and the simplicity is part of the beauty.

When I first saw the Greed ( The bad guys ), there was an immediate Spirited Away influence that could be seen. Spirited Away is one of my favorite movies, so the association doesn't hurt.

Looking at the roadmap for the game, it looks like it's going to be a solid indie purchase.

By DavidWest 11 months ago ago

I'm copying this over from the forum post so that people won't miss it.

Hey everyone!

Today we are launching a caption system for wallpapers!

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the titles for wallpapers is pretty generic?

For example the title for this wallpaper at the time I'm posting this is: 'Original 4k Ultra HD Wallpaper'. Ok that's fine - but it really doesn't tell you a ton about the image if you're clicking a link to it.

It's much better if a wallpaper has a nice descriptive name - but a wallpaper can only have one name at a time. It's no fun to think of a cool name for a wallpaper, and have it disappear.

Which is why we have expanded names to a caption system! Captions can be voted as either funny or accurate, and give users a lot more flexibly when it comes to helping describe images. The most accurate caption will be used as the name of the wallpaper (authors and creators will still control the final name)

If you are used to adding names for wallpapers, the new way to go about it is to add a caption!

I've posted the rules for captions at Community Abyss:

Let me know if you have questions!

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

Posted In: Retiring the forums

Hey everyone!

There is a lot of overlap in the functionality between Community Abyss and our forums, and I wanted to correct that. Moving forward, bug reports, feature requests, and other posts about Alpha Coders will happen on Community Abyss. Subscribe to the Alpha Coders community to get PMs whenever posts are made in the Alpha Coders community.

I will also be posting rule and FAQ threads relating to things like captions, tagging, and more. The goal is to have a better system for creating and keeping FAQs up-to-date.

Our old chat hasn't been too active as of late, so I am going to try something new: a Discord based chat. It's linked to on the homepage of Community Abyss.

Right now just the homepage of the old forums are redirecting to Community Abyss. You can get into the forums via the newest posts page

David West
Alpha Coders

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

Posted In: Tag Rules

Tags are a great way to make content more discoverable.

  1. When submitting tags, we use the comma , as the divider. We do not use the hash tag sign #
  2. Tags should be relevant to the content
  3. Tags should be of main features of the content. Small, barely visible parts of the image should not be tagged
  4. Tags that are generic should use () to make them more specific.
    1. For example, the tag Isaac would be considered too generic. There are many Issacs.
    2. Isaac (The Orville) would be a better tag.
  5. Generally speaking, tags at Alpha Coders are singular, not pluralized
    1. flower not flowers
    2. cat not cats
    3. building not buildings
  6. We avoid duplicating the category and the tag. So if the content is into the Video Game category, please do not use the Video Game tag as well - it's just a bit overly redundant.
  7. Tagging all of the fictional characters in a collage is OK
  8. Tagging all the parts of the body on a tiger, or every piece of clothing on a character, is not OK.
  9. Tags should be in English


By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

Posted In: Caption Rules

Captions are one of the ways you can interact and have fun with content at Alpha Coders!

  1. Captions should describe the image.
  2. Captions should be in English.
  3. Captions should generally be more than one word, and add more value than a single tag could
  4. Captions should not be identical to the subcategory of the content, this adds no value.
  5. Captions can be voted as either accurate or funny. You can vote for one or the other on each caption.
  6. Captions with fewer words that do a good job of describing an image are better than long winded generic descriptions
  7. The most accurate voted caption will be used as the name of the content.
  8. Funny captions are great, but won't be used as the final name.
  9. If you submitted author or creator content, you have 100% control over the name - none of the captions submitted will overwrite your given name for your work.

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

Daily Tasks:

  1. Check emails on Repond to any that need responding to, forward ones you are unsure of to
    1. Always make sure to be nice/positive.
    2. Most ad network emails don't need a response. However, if we currently work with an ad network, emails from them would be considered important. The companies are: Google, Amazon, Exponential, TotalMediaSolutions
  2. Make sure no content has been waiting in the moderator hub for too long. Clear anything that has been waiting for 20 hours or more.

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

After playing through Super Mario Odyssey - I think it's a great game

I don't think Nintendo knocked it out of the park quite as significantly as they did with Breath of the Wild - but I still think it's a wonderful game to have in the Mario universe.

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

Posted In: Post A Song!

Simple thread - post a song!

Artist: Starcadian
Song: Interspace
Youtube Link:
Spotify Link: spotify:track:4sZ3hUbwzxGo2ERNoekmzI

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

Posted In: Best anime

So I finally was able to watch Made in Abyss. I liked it - but I really hope season 2 ends up being better

By DavidWest 1 year ago ago

I actually just started playing it It takes a while for the days to get short and the rain to start falling here in California

I'll update my opinion once I have some more time in the game. I played a bit of Persona 3 but that was quite a bit after it was released. I'm really enjoying the style - and the pacing is fine so far for me.

By DavidWest 2 years ago ago

Posted In: One of my favorites

I've played No Man's Sky starting at the 1.2 path, and now onto the latest (1.31 I believe). At this point it's one of my favorite games. I think if you are interested in the theme, and were initially disappointed, it's worth your time to give it another shot.

It's still a collect-a-thon and inventory management is less than ideal - but they've made a ton of improvements. I'm starting to look forward to what Hello Games does next.

By DavidWest 2 years ago ago

Posted In: It just didn't hit

I have finally tried Silicon Valley - and it just didn't hit. Normally when an HBO series is so critically acclaimed I'll enjoy it - oh well

By DavidWest 2 years ago ago

Posted In: A great sequel

Yeah I watched all the shorts Nothing crazy, but I do think they help. I get that they couldn't really make the movie any longer than it already was

By DavidWest 2 years ago ago

Posted In: A great sequel

Blade Runner 2049 is one of the rare examples of a great sequel. In a lot of ways it's better than the original - but put them together and you have an absolutely wonderful franchise.

If you are on the fence about seeing Blade Runner 2049 - go see it

By DavidWest 2 years ago ago