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Anime Colony!

First colony created!!!

playing around with this, so lets see how it turns out yes

Guess this should be the welcome/introduction thread for this

Made this Colony because i enjoy anime alot, and thought it might be interesting to see who else enjoys it too!

So... i guess if you want to reply to the following questions below!
- Favorite Anime show/OAV
- Favorite Anime movie
- Favorite ongoing show
- Favorite Character
- How long you've been watching
- First Anime series watched
- First Anime movie watched
- Whatever else you would like to post!

By ajak60 7 years ago

- Favorite Anime show/OAV                             Angel Beats      (currently)
- Favorite Anime movie                                     Sword of the Stranger
- Favorite ongoing show                                   Fairy Tail
- Favorite Character                                           Fam Fan Fan (Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing) - changes around alot, depending on what show i last watched
- How long you've been watching                   seriously started watching about 3 years ago
- First Anime series watched                           Tactical Roar
- First Anime movie watched                            Tonari No Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)

a site that i use to help track what i have watched (not updated for a little bit)

By ajak60 7 years ago

- Favorite Anime show/OAV - Cowboy Bebop
- Favorite Anime movie - Paprika
- Favorite ongoing manga - Bleach 
- Favorite Character - Spike Spiegel "Bang."
- How long you've been watching - late 90's
- First Anime series watched - DBZ
- First Anime movie watched - Pokemon the First Movie

By moose512 7 years ago

welcome! and thanks for posting

By ajak60 7 years ago

-Favourite Anime show/OVA - Ghost in the Shell SAC or Hellsing
-Favourite Anime Movie - Tough choice but I really liked Perfect Blue so that or Kiki's Delivery Service
-Favourite ongoing Anime - Don't have one I'm afraid 
-Favourite Character - Alucard or Spike 
-How long have you been watching - Since I was seven or eight
-First Anime Series watched - Yu-Gi-Oh, Beyblades or DBZ
-First Anime movie watched - Pokemon the First Movie I think

Also I'll add
-Anime you hope to see in the future - Wolf's Rain, Cowboy Bebop, Devilman
-Anime Movie you hope to see in the future - Grave of Fireflies 

Thanks ajak for this Anime has been a big influence in my writing over the years ^_^ 

By CrazyDiamond 7 years ago

grave of the fireflys is a must watch!

cowboy bebop, watch for the music more than anything.. and make sure to see the movie!

By ajak60 7 years ago

Thanks I'll try to hunt down some dvds off ebay. I have the movie on VHS yep it is great have watched all of season one too ^_^

By CrazyDiamond 7 years ago

if you want, i have a 3TB full of anime.. get me your skype name and i can send anything you want to you over the internet!

By ajak60 7 years ago

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