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Pokemon Snap Was Amazing

A discussion about the Game: Pokémon Snap

Pokémon Snap
Did anyone else have a ton of fun with Pokemon Snap? I don't remember having that much fun back when I actually was playing it (I recall getting bored) but looking back I actually had a lot of fun.
By Phaethon 10 years ago

Had a little fun with it but that's probably the nostalgia speaking for you, wasn't a great game but I enjoyed it, favorite Pokemon game on the N64 was Pokemon Puzzle league, also not a great game but I enjoyed the hell out of it.

By QuotableNotables 10 years ago

It's definitely lots of nostalgia speaking😃I've never played Pokemon Puzzle leage - but it sounds like I missed out not playing it when I was younger.

By Phaethon 10 years ago

i had lot of fun with that. always trying to snap the best shot. i did had a mew so much good once. like all the body, kind close, just before he disapear. Xd was a game i want to play again.

By vc 9 years ago

I'm pretty excited about the new Pokemon Snap announced for the Nintendo Switch. I hope it's decent😃

By Phaethon 3 years ago

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